Masayume: My Life in Awesome Tokyo

>> Masuyume? What's that?

hiragana: まさゆめ
kanji: 正夢
pronunciation: /masayume/
1. dream that comes true
e.g. Mel's move to Tokyo is a real masayume!


Although my stay here is considered pretty short, I have never felt more creative and excited about life. My brain is constantly bursting with ideas, and I’m always thinking about something to create, discuss and make. It’s no longer about me and the computer but me and my hands and brain. I am always thinking about how I can get more inspired and what I can make. I am constantly challenged and my brain is always evolving. I feel alive.

Found a quaint little cafe in my hood

Just had an extremely eye-opening experience meeting an important mover and shaker at one of Japan’s most definitive companies. It was probably the stiffest, most intimidating corporate culture I have ever seen, but really mind-blowing at the same time.

Officially my favourite run in Kagura— forest off-piste trail #snowboarding #kagura #かぐら #スノボ (at かぐらスキー場 (Kagura ski resort))

Blue skies at Kagura #かぐら #スノボ

I never fail to amaze myself with how I can easily wake up at 4.30am to make it for the 6.30am train to the mountains. If only I had the same motivation for everything else…!
朝4時半に目を覚まして山に行くぜ~!自分でも驚くほどやる気が出た!何故か他の事にそんなモチベーション上がらないの?w w

Bluebird morning at Maiko Kogen

While the chilly temperatures may suggest otherwise, February 3 traditionally marks the start of spring in Japan. Known as Setsubun 節分 (literally, seasonal division), it is customary to eat a roll of makizushi 巻き寿司 while facing in the year’s lucky direction (it’s the south-southeasterly direction for 2013) – hence the dish’s name, 恵方巻 eho-maki (literally, lucky direction roll). I got a sweet version of the eho-maki roll at my local supermarket!

My first time making pumpkin soup from scratch! #virginattempt #pumpkin #soup #kabocha #yatta #success #happy #simple (at Home 🏠)